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The Intervertebral Disc

What is it with the spinal disc?

... the intervertebral disc is also relieved again.

There are 23 intervertebral discs which to 80% consist of water. They are each located between 2 vertebral bodies and form the shock absorber function of the spine. The special thing about the intervertebral discs is that they are hardly supplied with blood vessels and are nourished by movement.

This means they are moved by the movement of our vertebral bodies (similar to a sponge) and thus absorb nutrients from the environment.

This also explains why intervertebral discs can be damaged by chronic blocking of the vertebral joints:

A blockage of the vertebral joints hinders the normal mobility of the vertebral bodies, which also leaves the disc in a rather static state. Due to the lack of the movement stimulus, the intervertebral disc is no longer properly nourished and degenerates.

Since chiropractic restores the normal function of a vertebral joint as best as possible, mobility improves and the intervertebral disc is also relieved again.

Prevention is better than cure

Therefore 2 tips on what you can do for your intervertebral discs yourself: Drink plenty of water! Your body needs 1.5 l of fluid daily to filter your blood. If you drink too little, your body draws water from non-essential systems, such as the skin (risk of wrinkles).

However, the intervertebral disc also dries out somewhat as a result and becomes more brittle and thus more susceptible. Drinking a lot keeps it bulging and resistant. Lie on your back for 15 minutes a day.

Durch unsere aufrechte Haltung oder z.B. Fehlhaltungen am Arbeitsplatz wird die Bandscheibe belastet und komprimiert. Wenn Sie nur 15 Minuten auf dem Rücken liegen, dehnt sich die Bandscheibe wieder zur vollen Größe aus. Ob Sie 15 Minuten oder 4 Stunden liegen, macht für die Bandscheibe keinen Unterschied mehr. 

Chiropraktik tut also auch ihrer Bandscheibe gut.