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Spine Scan

In our body, the nervous system is the supreme control centre. It transmits all information from the brain to every organ, every tissue and every cell and back again to the brain.

Spine-Scan Insight Millennium®

The Insight Millennium® is a modern, computer-assisted diagnostic device that makes it possible to measure the activity of the nervous system very precisely, to examine the position of vertebral displacements/subluxations precisely and to document and control the results. 

The examination is absolutely painless for the patient and without radiation exposure, making it a suitable diagnostic device for children and pregnant women. Autonomic/vegetative nervous system: The autonomous nervous system controls organs, vessels and glands. Without an intact nervous system, however, the organism cannot transmit the information it needs to regulate.

With the Insight Millennium® thermal scan, the skin temperature is measured on both sides of the spine using infrared technology, because a branch of the autonomic nervous system controls the blood circulation of the skin there. The body reacts to irritation of the nervous system with a change in blood supply and thus a difference in temperature.

Motoric nervous system: The Insight Millennium® electro-magnetic resonance tomography (EMG) is a test for the motor nervous system and allows statements to be made about the effectiveness of neuro-muscular function. The task of the motor nervous system is to control the muscles. 

A deviating muscle tension can be found wherever vertebral displacements or subluxations are present. There, the transmission of nervous impulses is disturbed and the body has to work more to resist gravity. 

To measure this, the electrical activity, i.e. the tension of the muscles that stabilize and move the spine, is determined at the surface of the skin.

Where there are vertebral displacements/subluxations in the spinal column, the body has to apply significantly more energy on one side in order to remain in balance. These imbalances can lead to further disorders.