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An examination precedes the chiropractic treatment. A series of orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests are carried out to determine the cause of your complaints. We also use X-rays and MRIs for this purpose. If available, you are welcome to bring these to your first appointment. Based on the findings and the duration of your complaints, we will draw up a treatment plan and also treat you directly at your first appointment.

Since individual blockages in other areas set in motion compensation mechanisms, we examine and treat the entire spine, regardless of the complaints indicated.

The chiropractic procedure is usually performed by hand, which can cause a noise. Since the bones do not touch each other directly, the noise is caused by the rapid movement of normal fluids and gases in the joint.

The noise is not an indicator of good or bad treatment, but simply a by-product of the treatment that is completely harmless.


The chiropractor also works with techniques that require medical tools. 
Therefore, our practice also works with special tables and chiropractic instruments.
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