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The Spine

Between individual vertebral bodies are the intervertebral discs, which are responsible for the buffer function. Together with the double S-shape of the spinal column, they ensure the resilience of the spinal column.

All vertebral bodies are connected by joints, which allows the spinal column its normal mobility.

The basis for our spine is the pelvis, which consists of the two halves of the pelvis, the sacrum and coccyx. The pelvis is a common cause of pain in the lower back and receives as much attention in chiropractic as the spine itself.

As chiropractors, we also pay attention to malpositions, because, for example, a hollow back of the lower back or a steep position of the cervical spine can already be the basis for malpositions and blockages of individual vertebrae. For a long-term improvement, we give you specific exercises so that you can counteract the malpositions in everyday life yourself. 

Our spine is divided into three sections:






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