Chiropractic techniques used in our clinic

We use a variety of techniques and tools in the practice to help address musculoskeletal issues and promote overall well-being. Special tables and chiropractic instruments are among the aids you might find in a chiropractic practice

Full Spine Technique: involves treating all regions of the spine, cervical, thoracic, lumbopelvic, to address pain, subluxations, and joint issues.

The joints are manually released by hand, providing better movement, balance, and reduced stress to the nervous system.

Effective for treating back pain, joint pain, sprains, blockages, headaches, and migraines. 

Activator Adjusting Instrument: The Activator is a handheld instrument we use to deliver a controlled, low-force impulse adjustment  to the subluxated or misaligned area of the spine. It is employed as an alternative to manual adjustments, providing a gentle and precise method of spinal manipulation. 

Impulse Adjusting Instrument / Athro-stim Technique: 

Similar to the Activator, the Impulse Adjusting Instrument is a handheld device that delivers controlled force with 12 pulses per second, to mobilize an individual spinal joint, or a specific spinal region. It is designed to provide a quick and targeted adjustment. This device provides long-lasting stimulation to reduce pain and stiffness and promote better mechanoreceptors signal to the nervous system. Effective for back pain, slipped discs, joint pain, and headaches. 



Adjustment Tables: Chiropractic tables are designed to facilitate specific movements and positions during spinal adjustments. These tables have movable sections that allow the chiropractor to position the patient for the needed adjustment. They also have drop pieces, which can be quickly released to reduce the force needed to facilitate an adjustment. 

Thompson Technique:  uses a special table with mechanical drop pieces to provide for less force to the patient during adjustment to the spine.