Seit 2015 - Amerikanische  Chiropraktik im Herzen von Köln!

Chiropractic techniques


The supreme discipline of American chiropractic is the full-spine technique. 

Here, the joint to be treated is loosened with the hand, which often brings immediate relief for the patient.


With the help of a special treatment device, joint malpositions and blockages are gently corrected. 

The device applies a light but high-speed impulse in the direction of the correction, which corrects the malfunction.


With this device, 12 pulses per second are applied to the joints to be treated. 

This device is particularly suitable for mobilizing the entire spine and is a particularly strong stimulant of various pain and mechanoreceptors, which continues to have a long lasting effect.


For this technique you need a special table. Impulses are set by the practitioner using kinematic energy and the patient's own weight, but are released using the energy of the table.